DBM is participating in a 24-hour giving challenge to increase awareness of the impact nonprofits make in the community, bringing nonprofits and donors together, expand the idea of online giving, connect people to the causes that move them.

May 6, 2014 from midnight to midnight

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Giddy Up & Gather
We are in need of some boots and hats for this year’s fundraiser. So now that rodeo is coming to an end would you take a moment to clean out the closet and donate for a good cause?

Call Tammy Baird #210-269-2250



Abandoned on the streets of Mexico because her parents could not afford to feed her. One painful cry for help...
it haunted inhabitants of a Mexican village who searched diligently to find its origin. Read entire article click here.

The "God is in Control" online apparel store is contributing 10% of all sales to help feed the homeless through Daily Bread Ministries.

Please visit their website www.giiconline.com and consider purchasing a shirt for yourself or a friend. Thank you very much…..Wear it and Share it!

Ministry Updates

God is always so good and faithful. The number of people needing assistance continues to grow and Daily Bread Minstries has been a just in time blessing to help meet our need. God's provision is always perfect. We are blessed to share God's word and show his love with those we are blessed to serve.

Christ Community Church averages to provide food to 145 children and 317 adults each month.
Much needed food has been shared with our church members and the community. Some of the single parents have started to join us at our regular church services. We have also been able to share food with persons that are elderly and confined to their homes because of age or illness.

Church of God Peniel averages to provide food to 90 children and 120 adults each month.
Thank you Daily Bread Ministries for what you do for our church and community. We are praying for your new location and 2nd Blessings Thrift Shop. God bless you.

Cathedral of Faith averages to provide food to 100 children and 120 adults each month.
We are very grateful to Daily Bread Ministries because the food that we extend to our community allow us to reach many more people that normally would not open the door. Our goal and prayer is to provide spiritual and physical food through our cell groups. We are able to have this food because of DBM.

El Salvador Church averages to provide food to 150 children and 100 adults each month.
This month has been a blessing, we were able to minister to many new families in our area. We continue pushing forward the gospel with a servant attitude. We have established a closer relationship with the people and as a result they are attending our regular services. We thank DBM for all their support!

Kingsborough Ridge Baptist Church averages to provide food to 120 children and 100 adults each month.
I see the change in the faces of those we serve. I am able to put a name to a face, and as they come in I shake their hand or hug them and say "God Bless You". How wonderful it is to be building relationships that are based on the Love of Christ. I am finding that people trust us with their concerns and request prayer. I am eternally grateful!

Redeeming Grace A.M.E. Zion Church averages to provide food to 331 children and 367 adults each month.
We have the opportunity to minister to parolees 3 times a week and their primary need is food. Each week, we pick up produce, milk, soft drinks and other items provided by DBM. Currently 42 parolees and their families are receiving food from our church. We thank God for DBM because we couldn't feed all these families without their help.

Living Water Faith Church averages to provide food to 100 children and 275 adults each month.
We are thankful to the Lord for allowing Daily Bread Ministries to continue to help others while showing the community that Christians can organize and be successful in Loving others.

Victory Gospel Church averages to provide food to 100 children and 100 adults each month.
We are currently serving a hot meal every tuesday night for the community and distributing food on saturdays because of Daily Bread Ministries. We have seen a huge need in the East Side Community and we have tripled our distributions. We recently added another distribution site to meet the demand and need for the 90 block area that we are currently serving.

Dream Center San Antonio averages to provide food to 400 children and 400 adults each month.

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